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Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day of School

Snootz was very excited to start 4K today (at home) and he has been the one saying that the Twins are going to be in 2K so that is what we are calling it.  In reality it is more like damage control all day long with a little bit of learning thrown in.

So we started our school day out with some painting.  Not a great plan on my part because I was pretty frazzled and stressed out by 11:00 and had to take a big long break to get everyone outside to burn off some energy.  I think it's going to take a while for me to get a good schedule in place that works for everyone.  Unfortunately, right now I'm not sure *what* will work for the girls.  Especially Kitty Cat who is our little "destructo girl" who rips, crumples, dumps, shreds, destroys and throws away all kinds of things that she shouldn't.  It's challenging because she'd often rather get into something she shouldn't rather than play with her toys or participate in something we are doing.  But Snootz LOVED painting and putting together the dinosaurs.  And they turned out so cute even though they were a lot of work.  I found the templates at Learn.Create.Love and if you are looking for cute art projects like this I would encourage you to visit her site.  She has a ton of different things to make.  I'm sure we'll end up doing others.

I must say that I'm extra exhausted tonight and wondering if we should take a field trip for our second day of school......well, maybe we'll wait a few days but it's tempting because it's *hard* to be home all day managing two year old twins and also working with a very motivated 4-year old.  He whips through his work so quickly and I could barely keep up with him at times.  I found some nice printables at Royal Baloo and we worked on a lot of them while the girls were napping.  We also started our Bible memorization today, we are using ABC Bible Verses along with some printables over at 1+1+1=1.

As for other subjects, we will begin Spelling tomorrow; we are using All About Spelling.  And maybe next week I will begin Math and Science.  For Math we are going to use Math U See and for Science we are going to use A Beka, Discovering God's World.  As for Art, we will be using Home Art Studio.     And I'd like to continue to have themes intertwined as well to make sure we are keeping things fun and interesting.  All the subjects I mentioned probably sound like a lot for a 4-year old (I know it sounds like a lot to me) but Snootz is begging to learn more.  If you don't know him, he's a really bright little guy, a super fast learner and just thrives on learning new things.  And to paint a better picture, he's been reading since he was two.  That's right, he was *two* years old when he read his first beginning reader book.  And no we did not push him into it.  He initiated it and we just went with it and now he's probably at a second grade reading level.  So needless to say he needs to be challenged or he'll be bored.  I'm hoping I made all the right decisions with the curriculum but if not we can always change what we are doing.  As for the next couple of weeks, we will continue to work through our Dinosaur theme and have lots of fun doing it.  If you know Snootz personally, you are aware of his love for Dinosaurs.  He's a big fan of the meat eaters.

A few weeks ago we finally finished Snootz's Dig a Glow Dinosaur that we had bought for him for Christmas.  It took quite a while to get all the "bones" uncovered and we weren't consistent about working on it so that's why it took so long.  But even though the dinosaur is a plant eater (Triceratops) Snootz enjoyed the project and was very pleased with the end result.  While we were putting the dinosaur together the girls had a bunch of fun getting out their toys and books.  Look at those innocent faces! :)

**On a side note, I don't know when I will get around to putting my new and improved blog site together.  I had thought I would get it done last month but guess what?  I didn't.  I actually didn't work on it at all.  I was so busy preparing for homeschooling and getting ready for the Twins 2nd birthday party that I didn't touch my blog (except for deciding on the new name and a general design).  I will let you know when I do something with it.  At the rate I'm going, maybe by 2020!  In the meantime, if you are at all interested in this blog I encourage you to subscribe to be on the email list.  That's a great way for you to know when I put up a post, since I don't feel like I can make any commitments right now with how often I will post something.  I'm hoping we'll get into a nice routine at home and I can do more blogging in a few months but I just don't know yet.  For now, it will just be kind of sporadic.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!!