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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Making Soap Clouds

We did a super inexpensive, easy and fun "experiment" last week with Ivory soap.  I got the idea from Money Saving Mom and I'm so glad we tried it.  We put a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave and turned the microwave on for a couple of minutes to watch the bar of soap grow and grow and grow into puffy white clouds.  We actually did this activity two days in a row because Snootz had so much fun with it.  The first time I let the children play in the bathtub with the big cloud of soap and the second time I let them play with it at the table.  It was fun for them to feel the change in texture and see how crumbly the soap could get.  Unfortunately, there was a huge mess to clean up when they played with it at the table, so I would recommend taking your soap cloud outside to play with or let your children enjoy it during bath time.

This is a really inexpensive activity that could actually be free if you have an Ivory coupon that you pair with a sale.  I bought a 3-bar pack from Target and since I had a coupon for $1.00 I only paid about $0.20 for the 3-pack.  I also love that this was a quick, easy and fun filler activity that didn't require any planning or preparation ahead of time.

*Please note: Use ONLY Ivory bar soap - apparently no other brand of soap works for this.  Also, be aware that the soap may be very hot when it first comes out of the microwave.

With a fork and a spoon in hand Snootz looks like he is going to try eating it
but thankfully no one put any soap in their mouth.